DJ Ravin • LIVE • 2021 / August / 8

DJ Ravin (Ethnic Electronict)
LIVE • 2021 / August / 8

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Location • Noon Jacuzzi & Terrace Club
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Start Up Music LIVE. (2021, August 8). DJ Ravin LIVE [Video]. Youtube. Startup Music LIVE • DJ Ravin LIVE

Biography of DJ Ravin

• For Ravin, life is music. His worldwide search, to seek out melodies, unknown sensa-tions and ignored talents are part of his everyday life.

• This musical quest is, above all, full of curiosity and passion. Whole worlds in a handful of beats. Sounds touching on spirituality.

• Rhythms trans-cending cultures. Harmonies of the East melting into western breezes. Tracks telling their private story.

• Ravin delays the passing day. Slows down the earth's rotation.

• He quietly asks you to accompany him on his lifelong musical journey.

• Crossing boundaries and instilling tranquility and private calm.

• Indelibly connected to today's electric union of global trends and world music, Ravin has created a luscious cocktail, a spiritual union, infused with his extraordinary know-ledge and deep love of the globe's traditional sounds.


Startup Music Live DJ Ravin

DJ Ravin (Ethnic Electronict)
LIVE • 2021 / August / 8

Startup Music Live DJ Ravin


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