DJ Mind Heart • LIVE • 2020 / November / 12

DJ Mind Heart (Melodic Techno, Progressive, Chillout)
LIVE • 2020 / November / 12

Presenter • VJ Nandah Portela
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Biography of DJ Mind Heart

• Ricardo started his Dj career after going to the Boom Festival for the first time in 2004 and his first trip experience outside from Europe in 2005 – Rythms of Peace Festival Marocco 2005.

• But let ́s rewind a little bit, his first real experience with music was with his grandfather who ́s playing saxophone, he was at that time fascinating with the sound and the melodies.

• Then he starts to listen all kind os music, from punk rock to hardcore, electronic music, rock bands all kind of music. Then he discovers the world of psychedelic and chill out sounds. He finds a perfect coexistence between nature and these kinds of melodies.

• He starts as Dj U_Smile (Ajna Vision Records) and the sets were based on chill out and electronic music – that give ́s him the material to create an atmosphere that brings nature and human essence together, to a point where the music become a strong and motivated language.

• He plays mostly in Psytrance Parties and Festivals (Green Trippin Azores) and some events around Portugal.

• In 2016 he finds the perfect name that describes his message: "The Mind Heart Connection". With different sounds from Melodic Techno, to Progressive and can go to Chill Out, Downtempo, Chillgressive and Atmosphere trips.

• The main goal is to involve the human body and balance through music. It ́s like the human heart as a muscle, which feeds on the lifegiving nutrients brought to it by blood circulation.

• Then it comes your brain, is that a communication network with your brain connects the muscular walls in the parts of your circulatory system in and around your heart.

• I invite you to use this Mind Heart Connection to look within, to become deeply connected to yourself. You may never have chosen to go through this. But many people, who have walked this path before you, have been able to look back on this music experiences one day and feel that through this experience, they learned valuable lessons, and grew in ways that have enriched their lives. May your journey lead you to the healing that is your bright side.


Startup Music Live DJ Mind Heart

DJ Mind Heart (Melodic Techno, Progressive, Chillout)
LIVE • 2020 / November / 12

Startup Music Live DJ Mind Heart


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