DJ John-E • LIVE • 2020 / November / 19

DJ John-E (Techno)
LIVE • 2020 / November / 19

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Biography of DJ John-E

• Anyone digging through the history of underground electronic music cul-ture in Portugal will inevitably come across the name 'John-E'. For the past 20+ years, John-E has cultivated his passion for music, picking up influences from the many places he's called home.

• From Acid Techno to Progressive to House to Disco Breakbeat, and everything else in between, it is not sur-prising to see John-E dab into any genre during his sets, particularly in his longer ones in afterhours settings.

• Very much like Villalobos, John-E is part of that generation of DJs who grew under the spell of the early raver years, and throughout his life, John has worked hard to build on that spirit..

• Born in Portugal, he spent his formative years in Macau, where the echoes of the second summer of love reached its neighbour Hong Kong could he heard by those who tuned in.

• It was in the former Portuguese colony that John-E kick-started his DJ career, where he landed residencies in clubs across the Pearl River Delta, and guest ap-pearances in legendary parties such as Full Moon in Thailand.

• Yearning to get more immersed in the action, John-E moved back to Europe.

• He was in London at the dawn of the new millenium -- one of the world's epicentres for music exploration, and could often be seen DJing in the city's coolest venues..

• He finally returned to Portugal forever shaping its underground scene: his legendary decade-long residency in the infamous club Europa/Sunrise pushed Lisbon's party hours way beyond sunrise and helped open the city's music horizons.

• John-E is also half of the duo Stereo Addiction and resident and member of LX Music where he's played along-side some of the best artists in the world.

• Collaborative and unpretentious by nature, John-E loves to share his booth and his knowledge, having been a strong supporter of countless rookie DJs, many of which have been women.

• One of Portugal's finest, his stellar technique and enviable music collection, together with his punk attitude LP make John-E a renowned master in the art of creating the wild, free-flowing dancefloors he loves to find as a raver.


Startup Music Live DJ John-E

DJ John-E (Techno)
LIVE • 2020 / November / 19

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