DJ Felix daCat • LIVE • 2020 / December / 17

DJ Felix daCat (Deep House, Tech House)
LIVE • 2020 / December / 17

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Biography of DJ Felix daCat

• Within the DJ community in Portugal there are some names responsible to some of the most creative and enthusiastic approaches to dance floor music in this warm country from southern Europe.

• Felix daCat, a DJ associated to sets where house music show all its deepness, musicality, humour and fantasy, but also as raw-material able to be shaped to the DJ work, who in modern days canas Felix daCat do- conciliate the warmness of electronic music with new digital technologies.

• Indeed in his DJ sets you can hear those familiar melodies and bass lines being modified in real time with all his expertise in sonic manipulation via loops, FX, bootlegs or edits. Always with a special instrumental touch and a seductive feeling! All this qualities are not new.

• Felix daCat has learned piano since his 5 years old and dance music is just an evolution on his musical points of view. He started to DJ in 1995.

• In 1998 he was already invited as a guest DJ in Club Cream (Liverpool) and since then he became one of the most important DJs in house and club movement in Portugal: played extensively in major clubs like Pacha, Vaticano, Queens, Kadoc, Capitulo V, Industria, Paradise Garage, Vespas, and outside Portugal ; La Terrrazza (Barcelona), Vegas (São Paulo), Confraria das Artes (Florianopolis), Roxy (Prague), Simago (Badajoz), Casa de la Musica (Badajoz), Catedral (Sevilla).

• He was a part of line ups in huge parties in Portugal, Spain, Brazil and Czech Republic.

• Since 2001 to 2005 he was resident DJ in Lisbon's weekly after-hours in Paradise Garage club organized by Dub Delight. 2006 Felix starts as weekly resident Dj in BedRoom Bar in Bairro Alto (Lisbon) and 2007 with a monthly residency at Europa after-hours.

• In 2004 Felix daCat started massively his music production with new releases on the way and he was a part of the line up of Electronic Music Tent in Rock In Rio who had an edition in Lisbon, Portugal.

• Felix played as well in biggest festivals around the world such as Boom Festival, Eclipse 2012 Australia, Subsonic and many more.

• Felix has produced a few tracks since 2004, the first one was released by Red Bull Homegroves named Boogie 2 Moody and with his partner Nuno di Rosso, by the project named The Blenders they released Stormy Days in the compilation Portuguese Soulful Sessions by Royalhouse recordings.

• More recently he moved to Koh Phangan (Thailand) where he is setting up his studio and homebase.


Startup Music Live DJ Felix daCat

DJ Felix daCat (Techno)
LIVE • 2020 / December / 17

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