DJ Alex Woessner • LIVE • September / 2

Producer / DJ Alex Woessner (Melodic Techno)
LIVE • 2020 / September / 02

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Biography of DJ Alex Woessner

• Alex Woessner was born in the state of Coahuila, north of Mexico, and among several cities in the region, he spent his childhood and adolescence developing a taste for music that would later become a passion.

• That era is marked by two factors: the musical influence of his older brother and the MTV of the golden 90's.

• His musical panorama is increasingly expanding, so his restlessness leads him to have approaches with rock, hip-hop and the alternative environment in general, so it was only a matter of time before his intense relationship with music concreted by means of techno.

• The moment arrived while he was doing his university studies in populous Mexico City at the beginning of 2001. Two years later, he channeled that passion for the electronic genre, decided to dedicate himself full-time and begin to build his career as a DJ.

• Through his first steps in the scene, he develops his own style that exposes clubs and parties around the country receiving good reviews, which encourages him to take his musical proposal a step further.

• He decides to create his own beats and tracks, so he alternates his presentations with a professional preparation as an engineer in audio and music production.

• Later he released his first material under the German label Bad Bird Digital-Plusquam Records and collaborated with the Mexican label Undergroove Music in the compiled Phonograph Vol. 2. While in the digital world he entered the Top 100 of the Beatport platform, in the genre Melodic House and Techno with its Astro release and upload content in Spotify.

• He also produces the single Diginal with the Hungarian-German label Trippy Code Records, followed by a series of remixes in which he collaborates in the creation and production.

• He is currently underpinning his career as a producer while continuing to actively contribute to the electronic scene with his proposal, either on stage or in alternative media.


Startup Music Live DJ Alex Woessner

Producer / DJ Alex Woessner (Melodic Techno)
LIVE • 2020 / September / 02

Startup Music Live DJ Alex Woessner


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